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AQC Spooky Places in There!

AQC Spooky Places Oct 28


#21 Alease


  1. tallm
  2. _Squirrelett*
  3. rounder*
  4. Orielle
  5. rodsteele
  6. noxy*
  7. musicmom*
  8. Ecugirly*
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  11. Leaf42
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  17. xDolphy
  18. TWisM954*
  19. Kayleigh*
  20. dollbaby07*
  21. Alease*
  22. paddo*

*indicates a point rec’d on ranking ladder as member of AQC

Thank you Orielle for the new AQC logo!!  ‘tu


Adventure Quest Clubhouse to reopen!

AQC Grand opening A

Announcing the reopening of the Adventure Quest Club!

The Adventure Quest Club is located in its original spot, the Sea Shanty on Kantana Point. Questers will find a new AQ quest of the week every Wednesday, beginning on October 28, 2015. Each AQ quest is created by one of the club members, and will feature various types of quests: picture quests, puzzles, stories, trivia, adventure, and more.

Each player who finishes a quest of the week is entered into a dice roll for tbux, provided by the AQ Club. Adventure Quest Club members can also earn questing credit to advance up the Adventure Quest ladder. Each rank will award prizes or the eligibilty to purchase an AQ item at wholesale. The AQ ladder and prizes are still in the planning stage, but all quests completed starting October 28th will be counted.  Join the Adventure Quest Club here:

In addition, as was the custom of the previous club, quest writers are welcome to place brochures advertising their quests on the right side of the AQ Clubhouse floor. The stage is reserved for the AQ Quest of the week.

If you are interested in writing a quest of the week, please contact susanszy, or send a request to join the AQC Quest Writers Group:

Happy Questing!